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Take your practice and teaching to the next level! Join us for a unique Kundinyasana Yoga training program
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This unique and flexible program is offered in three modules for a total of 200+ hours. 

Each module will provide you with a full immersion in practice and study. If you want to deepen your yoga knowledge and education but are unable to register for the entire course, you may participate in individual modules.

( In order to qualify to earn your 200 hr yoga certification, you need to complete all three modules )

Designed for YOU

The program is extremely flexible and is appropriate for beginners, certified teachers, those who want to learn to teach. It’s also for anyone who LOVES YOGA and wants a deeper experience and broader knowledge.

Whether you want an immersive experience to deepen your practice or expand your knowledge to sharpen your teaching, each module can be taken individually – register for only the modules that appeal to you – or take all three for your 200 hour Teacher certification. If you are interested in the 200 hr certification you can take as long as you need to complete all 3 modules.

If it’s not possible to complete all 3 modules in one year, you can spread them out over as many years as you need. The modules will continue to be offered at least once a year. The space between the modules will allow you to return to your daily life and integrate the new information.

2021 Training Info

Beyond The Pose Training Schedule at CommuniTea Yoga Studio

We understand you have a life – so do we! So there will be make-up opportunities in case you need to miss any of the training.

→ Vinyasa Module: August 23: The major focus is Vinyasa Yoga (50 CEUs)
→ Kundalini Basics: Fall 2021 TBD: The major focus is Kundalini and Kundinyasana Yoga (50 CEUs)
→ The Yogic Lifestyle: Fall 2021 TBD: The major focus is yogic lifestyle and the business of yoga. (50 CEUs)
  • Individuals who complete all three modules will be certified to teach Kundalini, Vinyasa/Hatha and Kundinyasana yoga.




Beyond The Pose 200-hour Certificate Program will enable you to practice and teach Kundinyasana yoga, which combines the strengthening and stretching of Vinyasa yoga with the powerful energetic effects of Kundalini yoga.

The training will provide you with an integrative education in both Vinyasa yoga and Kundalini yoga techniques, as well as a solid base knowledge of anatomy, teaching methodology, business skills and yogic philosophy.

What you’ll learn

This 200 hour Teacher Training provides a full immersion in practice and study. You’ll deepen your practice by working on postures and their modifications and have the opportunity to enhance your teaching by assisting and adjusting your peers throughout the training. You’ll learn to work with your own body more skillfully and efficiently, which will serve you in your practice for years to come.

The modules contain anatomy, asana technique, injury management, and philosophical inquiry. you’ll explore postures and kriya, cultivate a strong meditation practice and more refinement in your practice. You will work on every aspect of yoga and teaching, from learning greater depth in anatomy, injury prevention, and intelligent sequencing to using purposeful, impactful language when you provide instructions. You will learn to generate sequences, teach segments of classes and weave a theme throughout your class for greatest impact. As a business owner, you’ll learn to optimize your efforts through winning business building strategies, ethical practices and proven methods to create a work/life you love.


Date & Times

Kundalini Module: Fall 2021: The major focus is Kundalini/Kundinyasa Yoga (50 CEUs)

Teaching & Understanding Kundalini Yoga

This Module focuses on the energetic, physiology and subtle effects of Kundalini yoga. It’s the training you want if you are a vinyasa teacher or practitioner who wants a deeper understanding of how to effectively use pranayama, mantra, bandha and chakra energy in your life.

Core themes include:

  • Sacred sound and the science of naad
  • Opening Kundalini energy with pranayama, kriya and meditation
  • Structuring a Kundalini class or personal sadhana practice
  • Numerology and the ten bodies
  • Modifications, pregnancy and moon cycles
  • Modifications, pregnancy and moon cycles
  • Understanding subtle energy; the vayus, koshas, bandhas, nadis and chakra system


The Yogic Lifestyle Module: FALL 2021 : The major focus is Living your Yoga. (50 CEUs)

Living Your Yoga & Building Your Business

This module is for you if you love yoga and want to live your dharma, teach successfully and build a life or career doing what you love – whatever that looks like.

Core themes include:

  • Living in Balance: Healing Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Yoga application and the 8 major systems of the body
  • Balancing the tattvas to live with more ease
  • Creating boundaries and freedom in work and life
  • Ethical Teaching
  • Professional development and how to build a yoga business
Vinyasa Module: August 23 - September 3: The major focus is Vinyasa and Kundinyasana Yoga (50 CEUs)

Teaching & Understanding Vinyasa/ Kundinyasana Yoga

Core themes include:

  • The essential Hatha/Vinyasa poses and how to teach them
  • Understanding and teaching sun salutations
  • Yoga and the muscles, joints, organs and bones
  • Sutras and 8 limbs of yoga
  • Safe sequencing and biomechanics
  • Meditation: Practice and Theory

The training is Monday through Fridays, 12pm to 5pm

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Beyond The Pose Yoga School provides a high caliber yoga education and gives you the tools to teach skillfully, think critically, and uncover a teaching path that is true to you. The focus is Vinyasa and Kundalini but the program is designed for students of every lineage who want to deepen their practice and teaching.  Completing this teacher training will qualify you for a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. In order to be eligible for this qualification, you must complete all 3 modules with the required homework, complete your practicum and final exam.


200hr master beyond the pose


● 200 hr Teacher Training: 3 Modules $2999
● Individual Modules $1,100
● Save $303 if you pay for all 3 modules in full

Payment due 5 days before the start of each training module.

Forms of payment include:
Paypal, Venmo, cash, check or credit card*

Your Trainers

200hr img 2158 2Catherine Mazur, ERYT-500

The lead trainer, Catherine Mazur, ERYT-500, is uniquely qualified to teach this curriculum with over 6000 hours of teaching experience, a 500hr RYT level in Hatha and 200hr level Kundalini yoga. She has been a meditator for over 3 decades, teaching both meditation and yoga from the Midwest to the West Coast.

Catherine is the founder of It’s Beyond the Pose and Beyond The Pose Yoga School, resources for yogis and yoga teachers. She is the bestselling author of Yoga, Midlife Pain Relief Secrets, and creator of YACEP programs taught both as private mentorships and as online courses.

As a trainer, Catherine presents in a relevant, approachable and honest way whether she is leading teacher trainings, classes, workshop series, mentorships or with her private and corporate clients.

Originally from Chicago, she loves her midwestern roots and also loves to explore. It was this passion to explore that led her to discover her love for both a powerful creative vinyasa flow and kundalini yoga. It also led to her move to San Diego with her family in 2007.

tina headTina – Ardas Taran Kaur

Tina has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years. After a successful career in the corporate business world, she was burned out with severe adrenal fatigue and addition to anti anxiety medication. It was then she made the decision to leave corporate life and move deeper into her spirituality and yoga practice.

Tina hasPracticed various forms of yoga including Iyengar, Bikram, power, haha, Vinyasa, yin and aqua yoga. She studied and practiced the seven spiritual laws of success and yoga at the Chopra Institute. Tina has completed life Mastery training with Anthony Robbins, World leading motivational speaker and coach.

After being introduced to Kundalini Yoga in 2012 she was soon called to become an instructor in that discipline. Her advanced training in Kundalini Yoga includes five Level 2 and Level 3 courses, Beyond Addiction Kundalini Yoga for Recovery, Y12SR – Yoga 12 Step, Thyroid Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Sound Healing and Energy Healing.

Tina is also a trained numerologist and is currently going deeper into her astrology training. Kundalini Yoga totally changed her life for the better, helped her heal physically and mentally and it is her great honor to share the gift of this practice.

From Our Clients

“Most impactful about this training was gaining an approach for creating yoga classes and having a baseline structure and sequence to follow. Learning to find solutions for my weekly experiences was invaluable.”

Debi Huber

Owner, Pilates and Beyond Studio

“A most phenomenal journey and deeply transformative process. The chance of a lifetime… My physical, mental and energetic transformation is astonishing.”

Val Kane, RYT200

“Pure Gold!! YTT experience with Beyond the Pose Yoga school was so much more than I expected to experience. The teachings were in-depth, and left me hungry to take an even deeper dive into the history and science of yoga. Personal attention, care and concern was given to every student to ensure their success. I’m forever changed on personal level having taking my first YTT with Beyond the Pose Yoga School.”

Melissa Bailey, 200hr RYT, BTPYS Graduate

Great school the best teachers!”

Carmel Baronoff, BTPYS Graduate

Q and A

Can I use this for my Yoga Alliance CEU credit?

Yes! This training covers 100% of your Yoga Alliance non-contact CEU’s for a 3-year period.

"Is this course tax deductible?

Absolutely! If you are a yoga or movement professional, this course is 100% tax deductible for you.

Is there homework? A Final Exam? How do I get credit?

● If you’re taking the course for your own education only, there are no additional requirements.
● If you’re taking this course for the 75 or 200 hr Certificate of Completion,
we’ll offer you a few options for your Final Project to verify that you’ve completed the course.
● If you move through the course with your guidebook, engage with the prompts, and write yourself notes along the way,
that will take care of 100% of your requirements.

How is this different from other 200 hour courses?

This is a leading edge training; unique and flexible. It gives you a powerful combination of yoga traditions in the form of Kundinyasana – Vinyasa and Kundalini in one training. Our goal is to meet the changing needs of yogis and yoga teachers so we make these valuable teachings available to the most students possible by offering a flexible 3 module program

The Best Teachers Are Life-Long Students…

Our intention with this course is to bring the most value to the most people as possible. We are so excited to welcome you to the family!

Do yourself a Favor

By enrolling in Beyond The Pose’s 200 hour Teacher Training at CommuniTea Yoga, you’re giving yourself the gift of continuing education that is fun, fresh, immediately applicable, and inspiring. Whether you’re enrolling in this course to enhance your personal practice, or to sharpen your skills as a teacher, you will love the community and cultivate your curiosity.

● Beyond The Pose 200 hour Training Manual
● Certificate of Completion
● Real Live Human Being Support Team


Cash Flow concerns?
We’ve got you covered

Monthly payments make it easy to fit this course into your continuing education budget.

If you have any issues signing up, please contact tina@communiTeayoga.com or catherine@beyondtheposeyogaschool.com and we’d be happy to assist you.


See you in the course

PPS: Write off the price of this course! Yes, it qualifies as professional training for yoga instructors, yoga therapists, pilates teachers, dance teachers, professional dancers and other movement professionals.


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200HR Teacher Training

200 hr Training, in person, consisting of 3 Modules, 12 weeks: $2999
Individual Modules $1,100

Save $300 if you pay for all 3 modules in full

*3 Modules = 200 hr Training Certificate

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