A Journey To Healing - CommuniTea Yoga

I am still amazed at the level of healing I receive from this practice. A short time ago my nerves were shot. I was in severe adrenal fatigue. I was completely burned out physically and mentally. I thought I had a handle on my very busy and lucrative career, but really I did not. I became addicted to sleeping pills and caffeine just to keep up the rigorous stressful pace. Some may say, welcome to corporate America. Where slamming down coffee and Coke’s all day leads to having a few cocktails and wine with dinner just to try to start unwinding from the stress. Then after all this realizing that sleep is not coming easily and having to resort to some form of drug to knock yourself out. All this just to get up and start the grind all over again. Sound familiar?

It happens slowly and then as we age an get more and more responsibility (along with great monetary success) we need to find tools to help us cope. Unfortunately I picked the wrong tools. The drugs, alcohol and sugar just helped me kick the can down the road a few years. Once I hit peri-menopause, those bad habits no longer helped me cope, they just sped up my demise. I was having daily migraines and my nervous system was shot! Allergies were taking over as my immune system weakened. I was getting walking pneumonia ever year. The travel and lifestyle of being a “big business” woman was taking it’s toll. I remember telling my husband, “I can’t do this much longer.” Yet I kept plugging away. I was a slave to the money, the lifestyle and the recognition of being at the top of my game.

Oh how I wish I would have found the practice of Kundalini Yoga before I had to get so sick and quit my career. However, they say everything happens for a reason. Maybe I had to get sick in order to find this beautiful practice. It seems, that had to be my path as now I am attracting students that are going through the same thing. You see, I was doing yoga before, but not this type of yoga. Not all yoga is the same. I had experimented with many different types of yoga and meditation from the time I was a teenager. I will not knock other types of yoga as I believe all yoga is beneficial. Let’s just say I was doing corporate yoga. Sometimes when we are really competitive individuals we think that competitive hard core power practices are exactly what we need.

Workouts like P90X, Beachbody, Core Power, Hot Yoga, Dance Cardio or Bikrim Yoga may very well be the answer for some people, but for those of us who are almost at the end of our ropes, adding a vigorous workout when our bodies are already stressed just adds to our increased cortisol levels. This results in injuries and more taxation of our nervous systems.

This is why I needed Kundalini Yoga. I can see now, from studying and practicing this type of yoga how healing it is for the body. I have been able, over a period of a couple years to restore my nervous and endocrine system. The improvement is simply amazing. I had deteriorated to the point where I could not look at a computer or TV screen, I had daily debilitating migraines, severe allergies and I couldn’t drive in a car because the motion was too much for me. I became weaker and weaker. I was like a 90 year old. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Each doctor prescribed their own medications and didn’t really tie any of it together.

I had migraine medication for the migraines and allergy medication for the allergies and sleeping medication from the sleep specialist and anxiety medication to deal with the tremendous stress. It wasn’t until I found an endocrinologist that everything was tied all together. Everything happening to me was because of stress (corporate career) and the “tools” (drugs, alcohol, yoyo dieting and sugar) I used combined with other medication like birth control pills (believe it or not). All of this and then peri-menopause created a “perfect storm” in my life according to my endocrinologist.

After practicing Kundalini Yoga, I have been able to greatly speed up my healing process. I have been able to come off all medication. One by one with the last one being the hardest, benzodiazepines (these can be more addictive than heroine) I have also been able to stop taking my thyroid medication (which I was told I needed for the rest of my life)! This is how it works. Kundalini Yoga gives a person specific meditations and kriyas (yoga sets) that work on particular areas of the body that need strengthening. In my case, I need to do the 3- minute Addiction Meditation daily. There are other sets specifically for adrenals, kidneys, heart, endocrine system, spinal flexibility, etc. My nervous system, which is supported by the endocrine system, is getting stronger every day.

Like I said, it never ceases to amaze me how this practice is so healing. I don’t know why I am still surprised because, I teach it every day to others, and yet I am still astounded with how powerful Kundalini Yogic Science is in my own life. I am now grateful for everything that happened to me. I never thought I would say that and I can still mourn for my old life. But now it is my mission to help others. Not only corporate professionals that may be going down the same path that I did, but also anyone and everyone else who may need these powerful tools.