Breathing Classes - Pranic Power When we connect with our breath, we connect with Prana.
Prana is life source energy or Chi. This breath is our greatest gift in this life.
Most of us are very shallow breathers, taking around 15-20 breaths per minute.
Without focused breathing we don’t get the much needed oxygen exchange to the deepest part of our lungs.
Because of this many people are in a state stress, which creates a tremendous amount of anxiety and causes nervous system weakness.
Focused, targeted breathing not only reduces stress and anxiety, it’s crucial to good health, mental stability and emotional wellbeing.
All of our yoga classes are focused on the breath in some form or another, but with these classes the targeted breath work is highlighted.
Join us to feel the miracle of empowered breathing and tap into your pranic power!
Breathing Classes- Get some pranic power now! Pavan Guru means
the breath is the guru (our greatest teacher).
Pranic Power Breathing Courses online


Do you feel that your breathing is hampered or like you're suffocating.

Feelings of not being able to breath or oxygenate you’re your body are becoming more and more common. Our bodies need oxygen for a healthy immune system. Our lungs need a workout just like our bodies so they can expand correctly. If you find yourself feeling scared, anxious, worried, frustrated or even angry, then this is the course for you.


Empowered Breathing Series

Where you will learn, the secret to health and well being, Conscious, Targeted Breathing (Empowered Breathing). Boost your immune system, strengthen your lungs, relieve anxiety, let go of fear and enhance your health. I will show you how to tap into your pranic power. Quickly. And easily. In fact…you will find power and relief in less than 5 minutes.

Ready To Feel Better? Try one class. You’ll feel better after just one breathing Exercise. Learning these Targeted Breathing exercises gives you control of you and your state of being.


An increase happiness is right around the corner. All this with just your own breath.

You will learn enough in the first class to help yourself immediately! In fact, it takes less than 5-mins to learn a simple Empowered Breath to increase your vitality and wellbeing. The entire series is 8 easy classes where you master techniques to strengthen your lungs, improve your immune function, release tension, fear, anxiety and depression.

My favorite classes have been pranayama or breathing classes because my students tell me they feel absolutely amazing and empowered afterward. They have a sense of wellbeing and experience a natural high . All you have to do is targeted breathing.

You’re going to breathe anyway, its automatic so why not Empower yourself with deliberate breathing for your health and wellness.

If you can control your breath, you can control your life. You can control your lung capacity. As you do this, you can control your fears, anxiety and crazy thoughts. You can release your anger and depression and you can feel much better.

In 8 easy classes you will experience the benefits of empowered breathing:

  • Increase Lung Capacity
  • Boost Immunity
  • Relieve Anxiety and Depression
  • Reduce Fear
  • Balance The Nervous System
  • Quiet the Mind
  • Energize the Body
  • Reduce Stress and Tension
  • Strengthen your diaphragm muscle
    1. Activate your energy centers
    2. Release Blocks, Fears and Struck Energy
    3. Clear Congestion
    4. Open the heart and lungs
    5. Develop the Meditative Mind & Invoke a Meditative State
    6. Command your Pranic (breath) power
    7. Empower Yourself for Victory


With targeted breath you can solve so many health problems, reduce medicine intake and prevent health issues before they ever happen. This is a recipe for a successful and victorious life.

Class 1 – Pranic Power

Class 2 – Power Center Activation

Class 3 – Release Anger, Fear, Stuck Energy

Class 4 – Balance the Brain, Calm the Heart

Class 5 – Nervous System Balance

Class 6 – Controlling the Mind

Class 7 – Sovereignty

Class 8 – Victory


8 Easy Steps to Take Control of Your Life

The Miracle of Empowered Breath

  • Strengthen your diaphragm muscle
  • Activate your energy centers
  • Boost your immune system
  • Release Blocks, Fears and Stuck Energy
  • Clear Congestion
  • Energize the Body
  • Balance the Mind
  • Open the heart and lungs
  • Release Tension
  • Develop the Meditative Mind
  • Invoke a Meditative State
  • Command your Pranic (breath) power
  • Empower Yourself for a Victorious and Successful Life

All this with just the miracle of your breath.

Class Information:

Classes are recorded, and a weekly video link for each class.
The classes are yours forever to utilize again and again.

Pranic Power:
4 week series of 8 easy classes for only $108.

Videos for life
Includes detailed instruction Manual (PDF)

Journal exercises (PDF)

Free Digital Journal

This will help you realize your own power and control over you…as you record your thoughts and progress

*Special Offer - Save 20% when you purchase all classes.(reg: $136.00) for $108.00

This is a recipe for a successful and victorious life.


With targeted breath you can solve so many health problems, reduce medicine intake and prevent health issues before they ever happen.