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Fee Schedule and FAQ

What are your fees?

Initial Session: $175.00 1 ½ hours
$150.00 phone sessions

1 Hr. Session: $125.00 in person
$100.00 phone sessions

Initial sessions usually last 1 ½ hours and most sessions thereafter last approximately one hour. I honor your time and hope that you will also honor my time. Please arrive a few minutes early and be ready to start on time. If you need to change our appointment please give me a minimum notice of 24 hours. If you miss an appointment or do not re-schedule your appointment with-in the allotted time frame you will be billed for the missed session.


Nancy Christine Navarra
(209) 281-6757

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How frequent are visits scheduled and how long do they last?

The initial session is scheduled for one and a half hours in order to provide enough time for us to get to know one another and also glean some background information and to gain pertinent information regarding the reason for our consultation, and then of course time for the healing process. By the end of the first session we will determine when to schedule the following appointment, if requested. Subsequent sessions are scheduled for one hour. Client’s use this type of work for anything varying from a one time visit, to periodic sessions as needed, to regularly scheduled appointments for more in-depth personal growth work.

Can this work be accomplished at a distance?

One of the benefits of this work is that it can definitely be accomplished over any distance. Phone sessions are available. I have the ability to tune into you at a distance in order to reflect back to you information from your Higher Self and to also transmit the healing energies necessary for the healing phase of the work.

What is Brennan Healing Science?

Brennan Healing Science is an enlightening system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and self-awareness skills. Based on the living dynamics of our Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to the greater world of which we are all a part of. Brennan Healing Science can transform your life into the balanced, enlightened experience of all you have always wanted for your life.

Through Brennan Healing Science, you will:

  • Restore a sense of well-being and emotional stability by clearing, balancing and recharging the energy field.
  • Develop & strengthen the Hara, the intention and ability to accomplish life goals
  • Establish deep connection with inner spiritual guidance and fulfill your heart’s true longings
  • Promote physical healing of many disease conditions
  • Clear and strengthen mental capabilities
  • Learn how to create the life you long for by living from your Essence

What is Hakomi?

Hakomi is an experiential method of assisted self-discovery which uses “little experiments in mindfulness” to discover how one’s experience is organized by habits and unconscious attitudes and beliefs. As such, Hakomi is a true Insight method, one which is “therapeutic” when used to support one’s own or another’s healing of emotional and psychological issues.

Hakomi Experimental Method invites participants into an exploration of growth and healing using experiential methods, including Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy. Self-study, the practice of loving presence, group process and skill development are all integral parts of the experience.

Nancy uses this method mostly for group process work and is used in a more limited way over the phone.



What is EFT?

Simply put, EFT is a form of emotional acupuncture without using needles. Instead, the technique uses an affirmation and tapping with the fingers on meridian end points. Current theory suggests that “the cause of all negative emotions is due to a disturbance in the energy field.”

Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body’s subtle energies, EFT has been proven clinically effective (over 80%) for Trauma, Abuse, Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Depression, Grief, Addictive Cravings, Children’s Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties. It is the missing piece to the healing puzzle.

  • Often works where nothing else will.
  • Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle.
  • No drugs or equipment involved.
  • Easily learned by anyone.
  • Can be self-applied.

EFT handouts available upon request.


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is also sometimes referred to as Spiritual Healing or Psychic Healing. It addresses and affects the Human Energy Field.

Nancy Christine is a certified Energy Field Practioner: certified in “Brennan Healing Science” Brennan Integration Work (personal awareness &student supervision), Hakomi, Reiki, Sound Healing, Awakening Your LightBody and “Shamanic Soul Retrieval training with Sandra Ingerman.

Nancy currently practices in North San Diego County, CA, and has clients all over the world.

She has also graduated from the Teacher Training program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Having over twenty years of experience in various areas of Spirituality, health and healing, her areas of specialty have included Intuitive Healing, Sound healing, and Life Coaching. Currently Nancy’s work concentrates on issues of Personal & Spiritual development working hand in hand with awakening (self-awareness) skills. Her own transformational path has gifted her with intuitive abilities and access to a broad spectrum of transformational energies.

Thank you for the opportunity to accompany you on your journey. Please take a few minutes to fill out as completely as possible the “Client Intake Form” and the “Consent Form for Treatment” prior to your appointment, so that we can utilize the maximum about of time together.


Regular Class Drop in $17

Vacation Package $38.00
For 2 Weeks.
*Must be on vacation
or temporarily visiting

New Student Special
$47 for 30 Days • Includes - Unlimited yoga and meditation classes

$35 College HS Student
Membership Special
For 6 Months • Includes - Unlimited yoga and meditation classes - *Student ID required.

Monthly Membership $99
($108 discounted price for auto-pay) Per Month • Includes: Unlimited yoga and meditation classes

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