1 Apr

Diaphragm Breathing

The diaphragm is the most efficient muscle of breathing. It is a large, dome-shaped muscle located at the base of the lungs. Your abdominal muscles help move the diaphragm and give you more power to empty your lungs of toxins. Diaphragmatic breathing (also called “abdominal breathing” or “belly breathing”) encourages full oxygen exchange — that […]


3 Sep

Yogi Tea

The Restorative Tonic of Kundalini Gurus and Practitioners   “To live a life of excellence where you control things and not the other way around, drink Yogi Tea because it gives you a constant maintenance to wake up inside of you, not just outside of you” Yogi Bhajan   In 1969 Yogi Bhajan brought his recipe […]


16 Jul

Prosperity Practice, A Gift for You

A couple weeks ago we had another teacher training weekend and, of course, I learned something new and wonderful.   Sat Kaur Khalsa taught that when we chant the Mangala Charan, Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Devay Nameh, in a counter clockwise circle around us starting at the left […]


22 May

Under Pressure? Get Relief with the Shabad Guru

We are all experiencing the pressure of living in this world. The demands are high, technology is speeding up and the planets are aligned to give us even greater changes in innovation and technology in the next 7 years. Some of us feel we could work 24 hours per day and still not get everything […]


11 Dec

More tools to get your body out of stress mode

Many of you know my story of adrenal fatigue and addiction to benzodiazepines. I have also shared how Kundalini Yoga changed my life and allowed me to restore my body to hormonal health. One important thing I neglected to talk about was diet. I tried many diets and went to several doctors. Only one doctor […]


21 Nov


It’s that time of year again. The holidays bring a special joy as well as anxiety to many. It is the time when our buttons get pushed by other people, family members and events. For some of us we feel a loss for loved ones who have passed are about to pass. We could feel lonely […]


3 Oct

Prescription- Kundalini Yoga

Every day I hear from people who are suffering and feel they are at their breaking point. They are stressed out, overworked, wired and tired at the same time. They can’t sleep well and are riddled with anxiety. They feel pressure of not having the time to do everything and they certainly are NOT enjoying […]


2 Sep

Hydro Therapy – It’s Hot!

What better time to start cold showers?   Cold showers are the thing that catapulted my healing and restored hormonal balance.  Yogi Bhajan could not emphasize enough the benefits of cold showers.  He knew hydrotherapy and when he was feeling bad, he took longer cold showers, really massaging the body.  Here is the protocol from […]


12 Jun

Want to regulate your hormones?

For many of us, especially women, hormone regulation is big deal.   Women are constantly changing. Every 2 ½ days our hormone levels shift. If we are not managing our endocrine system properly then we can experience moodiness, tiredness, fatigue, weight gain, bloating, irritability, brain fog, pms symptoms, headaches, peri menopause and menopause symptoms, thyroid […]


12 Jul


Many of us think we know what meditation is.  Here in the West we are taught to sit quietly and try not to think about anything.  Well this is virtually impossible! And most people, after trying to do this realize they cannot stop their mind chatter, so they get frustrated and quit.  I tried this […]