Gloria Taylor - CommuniTea Yoga

Gloria Taylor

Gloria is an Intuitive Energy and Sound Healer and has been enjoying this work since 1995. She uses a unique and powerful blend of holistic and creative healing methods. Gloria’s work is designed to release pain, and negative conscious and unconscious patterns, programs and beliefs that we hold in the physical, mental and the emotional layers of the body. As she listens to the body, it is amazing how much information is recorded and stored there, so much of it is unconscious. Once we can hear and feel our stories and see the patterns and beliefs that were built around them, we can make massive changes, heal and enjoy a radiant, healthy life.

Tuning in and using advanced muscle testing, we explore, uncover and release core limiting issues and beliefs you may not even know you have… but are still energetically sending out signals to the Universe. As you allow the changes, tones, and activations to take place, the new energies will align all aspects and layers of the body so it can remember and maintain its wholeness, creating inner communication, unity, flow and abundance in all areas of your life.  Gloria happily shares all insights, messages, mantras, and information that she receives during the session.

Gloria works from a place of integrity, honesty, and lightheartedness, creating an atmosphere of safety and ease.

“My aim is to uncover the healing power within each individual, helping people connect with their innate wisdom, creativity, and sacredness.”