Meditation for Addictions, Phobias and Habituation


Meditation for Addictions, Phobias and Habituation

This very simply meditation is profoundly effective in eliminating addictive behavior and thought patterns. It can be done for 3 min or 5 min. with practice one can even go longer The pressure of the thumbs at the temples triggers an area of the brain that is directly underneath the stem of the pineal gland. Many people have an imbalance in this area and feel hopeless. This meditation is for everyone and if solves the imbalance problem that leads to addictions, and other destructive behaviors.


Start with our targeted breath program. An 8 class virtual program designed to introduce you to the yogi practice to achieve a healthier and more full life.

Class 1 – Pranic Power

Class 2 – Power Center Activation

Class 3 – Release Anger, Fear, Stuck Energy

Class 4 – Balance the Brain, Calm the Heart

Class 5 – Nervous System Balance

Class 6 – Controlling the Mind

Class 7 – Sovereignty

Class 8 – Victory