Message From Tina - CommuniTea Yoga

In this technological age we have the means to be more connected than ever before. There is a wealth of information at our fingertips and everything is faster.This pace can produce a tremendous amount of stress. There seems to be no downtime for our brains and bodies to integrate. The demands on our nervous system are tremendous. With all this information we can suffer from a form of information overload, almost like an info-dementia.  We are living in society where we are less connected to each other and more connected to our electrical devices. Take a look at dinner tables across the world whether in restaurants or homes. Most people are checking their social media versus talking and connecting with each other. I’m not implying that electronic devices and information is bad, quite the contrary. The amount of information available is staggering and it will help us come together as a world and to grow and to shift our consciousness. However, it must be integrated with our communion to each other. Yoga literally means yoke and is another word for union.

I, too, have experienced this info-dementia and lack of community. Everywhere I have been, whether it be the office, the schools, the yoga centers or the spiritual retreats, I have been looking for community. I always found elements of it in the various areas of life, but I never have really found my true community in my hometown. We often think that we can move away and find our new community, but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes we move and we realize that it is different when we get there. The community we think we’re moving to isn’t really there for us. Sometimes we don’t feel the connection.

So here’s my story. I had a career in the business world for over 25 years where I climbed the corporate ladder. I thought that was my community. But I was in the rat race or just a hamster on a wheel. Working day and night for the “Almighty” paycheck that kept growing and growing, allowing me to buy all of the things I thought would make me happy. After becoming very ill from living in unbalanced life, I learning that that was not my true community or vibration anymore. I quit my job and we moved to Southern California to heal my body mind and soul. I love the energy here in North County San Diego. Yet I still could not find my community in its totality. But I was getting closer than ever before. I was discovering my true self and finding my dharma. While focusing on healing my body via various trainings and modalities, I decide to take all the elements of the communities that resonated with me and bring them here to this center in Oceanside, California. CommuniTea Yoga & Meditation.

I have talked to so many people over the years, including teachers, healers, mothers, students, businesspeople and friends. I have learned that they, too, are searching for their community, looking for a connection, just to feel that sense of belonging, that sense of purpose and that higher sense of self where they can grow and evolve and share their gifts. This center is a natural progression of my growth and evolution. I hope to share my gift with you and I hope that you will join us at CommuniTea Yoga & Meditation where we will serve nurturing yogi tea after soul uplifting yoga and meditation sessions. Your children are welcome, your families are welcome, you are welcome.

Sat Nam and Love,

Tina, Ardas Taran