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KRI Bridge Training

This is a training for all those Kundalini Yoga Instructors who took their Yoga Alliance training and did not get KRI Certified.

This program bridges those students from the Yoga Alliance program to the KRI program. KRI Certification allows teachers to continue their training and deepen their practice with Level 2, Level 3, 21 Stages of Meditation and even the Academy should they so choose.

Training begins Feb 1st, 2019

Students can either take the full training for a discounted price of $2500 if space is available
OR they can simply attend the weekends that will cover the missing curriculum from the Yoga Alliance training they took previously for $1770.

Regular Class Drop in $17

Vacation Package $28.00
For 2 Weeks. *Must be on vacation or temporarily visiting

New Student Special
$47 for 30 Days • Includes - Unlimited yoga and meditation classes

$35 College HS Student
Membership Special
For 6 Months • Includes - Unlimited yoga and meditation classes - *Student ID required.

Monthly Membership $99
($108 discounted price for auto-pay) Per Month • Includes: Unlimited yoga and meditation classes

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