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Ranee Siri

Ranee Siri is a certified Acroyoga and yoga instructor, the author of “Sexy = Yoga”, as well as a Reiki master. Ranee is a passionate teacher with advanced training in yoga from India. Ranee also shares her passion and daily inspiration, as well as her knowledge of yoga and AcroYoga through her social media and her yoga online training website, www.RaneeSiriYoga.com. With more than a decade of yoga and over 1,000 hours of transformational training, Ranee
discovered her innate ability to guide and inspire others back to their inner beauty through daily yoga practice, so they can create a happy life in which they truly thrive.

Strength and Serenitea Expect a powerful strength building series leaving you feeling fully nourished your mind body and soul! Mindfulness within the pose is encouraged as you explore the connection to body and breath within the poses, rather than between poses. Expect thoughtful and dynamic series, created to challenge and build mental and physical strength in the body. Inversions and balances may be explored. The combination of powerful poses, softened at the end with the deep stretching creates a fulfilling and serene experience. Blissful is the word. All levels are welcome. See you on the mat.