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Start Your Journey to a Better Life
Start Your Journey
to a Better Life

Are you tired, overworked and depleted?

Are you in pain emotionally or physically? Have you found yourself addicted to a substance to get you through each day? I can help you with simple, effective and long-lasting solutions that will leave you feeling more in control and energized.

Whether your “addiction” is overwork, doing too much, or self-medicating to numb out, there are other tools to help you manage your stress and master your life.


My name is Tina Fitzgerald, as a former high level corporate executive, I know how high pressure and stress feels.  Like millions of people I reached outside for substances that I thought would help alleviate the pressure and make me feel better.  I thought these “tools” would work for me, and they did temporarily reduce my stress level and anxiety.  However, these so-called remedies, doled out by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors were not the answer. Simply, they just led me down the path to addiction and a host of other psychological and physical issues.

Life teaches all

For me, the gift of my depression, sickness, pain, stress, and negative thoughts was a wake up call to get me to open my heart and discover a new way of living – a new way of being. My own experience of addiction from benzodiazepines and alcohol through time spent in detox taught me about my strengths, not just my weaknesses. I learned the tools to alleviate suffering, depression, stress, dependency and anxiety. Through my healing journey I opened my heart to discover powerful tools that changed mine and my family’s life forever. Living without the use of drugs and alcohol I have recovered my radiant health so that I’m thriving not just existing.

I was able to restore my body, mind, and spirit. Specifically I worked with my endocrine system and learned how to take my body out of the stress reactions that were driving my addictions. I discovered that I could access the relaxed yet productive parasympathetic nervous system to respond with greater resource and presence when making choices. I am able to help others in similar situations.

My recovery allowed me to realize that the universe was knocking at my door. It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy, but I discovered the life-changing secrets that transformed my life. Today, I am living pain free and I’m living a life I was meant to live. Working 1-on-1 with me you will too!

I help people around the world overcome their addictions to lead productive, vibrant and healthy lifestyles through several different practices and modalities including but not limited to, Kundalini yoga, pranayama, meditation, life mastery and prosperity coaching.

An opportunity to find yourself

Start your journey with me for effective, long-lasting results, peace of mind, and radiant health. Packages available.


Life Mastery – Anthony Robbins

You and Money

Executive Procurement Practices

Access Consciousness

Primordial Sound Mediation

Kundalini Yoga CYT

Thyroid Yoga Teacher

Divine Human Upgrades

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609 Vista Way, Oceanside CA 92054


30 min consultation $110

Bi-weekly coaching calls $250

Monthly coaching $1250 includes coaching calls
and Tantric Numerology Reading

One on One Session
$150 Private Session


 First Class $11


Seasonal Membership
$330 for 3 months.


Regular Class Drop in $21

Regular Class


New Student Special
$47 the first month.


Monthly Membership $108 
(autopay and $128 non autopay) Per Month • Includes: Unlimited yoga and meditation classes


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& Numerology Astrology
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