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Kirtan Kriya Meditation

The benefits of this meditation are too numerous to list. It is one of the three meditations the yogis say if all the teachings were lost this is the one to know. It is currently being studied by UCLA and other prestigious universities. These university studies have the subjects perform this meditation for only 12 minutes per day and they are having tremendous results with brain function and memory. This easy meditation can stop dementia and early Alzheimer’s from further progression.

It balances the brain and the body. Each finger tip is associated with the meridian point in the brain. The chanting of the mantra stimulates various points meridian points in the upper palate which helps to vibrate the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and de-calcify the pineal gland. It is the calcification of the pineal gland that leads to aging and other neurological Issues. The visualization of the light bathing the brain coming in through the crown of the head and out to the middle of the four head, the third eye point is critical For the success of this meditation. You will feel it in your brain, you will feel relaxed and experience a sense of tremendous well-being.

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