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Prosperity Meditation

“Manifestations come on the heels of what you’ve conjured in thought” – Abraham We would like to give you one of the most powerful and effective Kriyas in Kundaini yoga! As some of you know, we are in the midst of our 40 Day Prosperity Transformation. Sobagh Kriya is a relatively unknown abundance practice and our members are having tremendous results! We wanted to let you know that there is kriya within this kriya.

If you take part one of the 5 part practice and practice for either 3 or 11 minutes it is a complete and extremely effective meditation. Many practitioners of Kundalini Yoga have started with this practice and it is one of the kriyas to learn in our KRI Teacher’s Manual. If you have questions about how to do this kriya either come to the mediation every day at 10:45 am or email us. Whether you do the full 5 parts or simply part 1 there is no doubt you will enjoy flow of abundant gifts and blessings headed your way! Sat Nam and Love.


First Class $11


$330 for 3 months.


(autopay and $128 non autopay) Per Month • Includes: Unlimited yoga and meditation classes
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