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  • CommuniTea Yoga and Meditation is an AMAZING place! I have been a part of the community since September 2018 and I love it! From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and incredibly comfortable. CommuniTea is an awesome studio with wonderful teachers and students. Tina (who owns the studio, along with her husband Tony) takes great pride in serving her students and the community at large, and it shows! CommuniTea is more than just a place to practice yoga - it's gorgeous and has a wonderful energy. The studio also has a really cute shop with lots of beautiful clothing and treasures! CommuniTea has become an integral part of my life and I am so incredibly grateful that I found it . . . or rather, that it found me 😊Much Love - Crystal
  • Thank YOU for brightening everyone's day with your lovely live streams! I am in awe of the gracious generosity CommuniTea is providing with online classes and positive posts. I appreciate you and all that you do! This positivity will come back to you and the studio!!Casey McFarland - Mira Costa College Faculty
  • I love this studio so much I'm here everyday! They have Awesome teachers, offer all types of yoga, sound healings, educational workshops, teacher trainings, beautiful shopping boutique, Numerology Readings and freshly brewed tea! Such a warm and loving community in a very healing space.Rebecca Shubin
  • Complimentary yogi tea and meditation classes ~ super friendly teachers & staff. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. Highly recommend.Lauren S
  • Dropped in opening day, to check it out. The energy of the studio, plus Tina's positive vibe I became a "founding member". Had neverdone a Kundalini class, lots of other yoga. Okay, so we did lots of breathing, waved our arms and legs around funny and chanted, weird. But I have never felt better and been happier.Cricket Escamella
  • Tina is a fabulous business woman, always looking forward. She brings the best teachers to offer different yogic practices. And the workshops she puts together are A+. Affordable and taught by some if the best teachers from around the country. The boutique is filled with ever changing books, crystals, jewelry and yoga wear. Just what you need to inspire your practice. And one of the best parts, we are all CommuniTea, family.Kundalini the happy yoga.
  • This is a beautiful studio and community of yogis. The quality of the kundalini teachers is so high. I've been coming almost since they opened and always feel wonderful after class or meditation. It's one of the few studios that does regular sound healings with the gong, which is powerful. (Be sure to check out all the goodies in the store too- crystals, malas, clothes and jewelry.)Catherine M
  • I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon this studio when they first opened! I have been coming ever since! Tina the owner is so warm and welcoming and she is so passionate about what she does and it shows. I can't believe how so much has shifted in my life in such a short amount of time! Just walk in here and see for yourself the amazing energy and high vibes! They serve fresh Yogi tea daily which helps cleanse the liver and take away damage from the body and the brain. It's a great way to ground after taking a class. If I could give this place infinity stars I would.Laura H.
  • I love this place. The family that owns/runs it is very friendly and welcoming. I was in town visiting and immediately felt at home inmy first class. I ended up going to a class everyday I was in town. I highly recommend the kundalini classes!Michele G.
  • CommuniTea is a lovely space. From the boutique to the yoga room, the place glows with the care and love that was put into making it. It's a space where you can come, move, meditate, and renew. Top yogis and spiritual teachers from around the world come here to teach. The nearly universal response from new students/practitioners is that CommuniTea really feels like a community. This really is a special placeTim Adams
  • I've landed here & couldn't be happier. I am new to Kundalini and noticing it's many positive effects on my daily approach to life. The teachers are kind, commanding and so knowledgable. The fresh Yogi tea is such a treat. The shop is a ridiculously well-curated selection of books/crystals/yogi adornments for the home, body or friends. Anyway if you're curious about Kundalini or just looking for a high-vibes atmosphere to soak up- this is the spot. Very warm and welcoming. They also offer a variety of classes & rad workshops.Roman M
  • So excited to have found this amazing yoga studio. I'm loving the teachers and community energy. Everyone chats after classes & drinks yogi tea. Teachers are highly knowledgeable & kundalini yoga classes are filled with laughter as well as a great workout. This is by far my favorite yoga studio in north county and I've tried many. They make new people feel at home quickly &!classes are aimed at multiple leveled so you never feel out of your depth. I've been a member for 5 months now and this feels like home.Siobhan W.


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$330 for 3 months.


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$47 the first month.


Monthly Membership $108 
(autopay and $128 non autopay) Per Month • Includes: Unlimited yoga and meditation classes


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